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Launched in 2001, is one of the largest sites in Japan devoted to providing information about guitars.
Well-known stores from all across Japan have registered their guitars in our database. Use our easy and fun-to-use “guitar search” to find what you’re looking for. Our system is incredibly convenient because you can use specifics like brand name, price range or year to narrow down your search.

◆This English-language website was created so that Japanese stores could sell their wonderful guitars to customers overseas.

As guitar enthusiasts all over the world know, there are MANY amazing guitars in Japan.
Starting in the 1950’s, thousands of guitars were imported here from the US and maintained with the meticulous sensibilities of the Japanese.
This means that there are many precious, vintage guitars in Japan in terrific condition, some of which cannot even be found in the US anymore.

You may have also heard about the great quality of Japan-made guitars.
Since the 1960’s Japan has been creating high-quality guitars so there are many kinds of guitars in the Japanese market—from used to vintage to more.

We believed that Japanese sites were not easy to use for overseas customers, so we created this English-language site to gather together all the stores in Japan that want to sell their wares overseas.
Please try out some searches on—we hope you will make new connections and find what you are looking for.

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Oct. 31, 2017
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