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Conditions of Use

Date of implementation: May 1, 2001
Last updated: March 1, 2015
D.C.T. project co.,ltd.

  1. 1.Scope of Agreement

    These terms and conditions apply to use (“Use”) of all services (“Services”) provided to you (the “User,” or “you”) on the website “,” (this “Site”) which is run by D.T.C. project co.,ltd. (“D.C.T. project” or “we”), a company located in Japan. By using this website, you signify your agreement to the following conditions of use (Conditions of Use).

  2. 2.Regarding Services

    1. (1) We may discontinue or change the content of our Services without prior notification to the User, and we do not guarantee the continuation of existing Services.
    2. (2) We make no warranties regarding the accuracy and reliability of the information that is listed on our Site. When using our Services, the User should judge the accuracy and reliability of the information listed on our Site on their own. D.C.T. project shall not be held responsible if a dispute arises between the User and a third party regarding the lack of accuracy and reliability of information listed on our Site, or if the User or third party suffer damages as a result of this information.
    3. (3) D.C.T. project does not allow the complete or partial reuse, duplication, or copying of any of the Services or listings that are shown on this Site for your own commercial use.
  3. 3.Prohibited Activities

    By using, you are agreeing not to undertake the following activities. If a dispute arises between the User and a third party because of any of the following actions, We do not take any responsibility.

    1. (1) Infringing on D.C.T. project’s or a third party’s intellectual property rights or other rights, or acting in a way that may be in danger of doing so.
    2. (2) Acting in a manner that is tied to criminal activity or acting in a way that may be in danger of being so.
    3. (3) Sending or uploading harmful computer programs.
    4. (4) Acting in a way that promotes any of the actions outlined above.
    5. (5) Acting in any way that may damage the proper running of this Site and our ability to offer Services, or acting in a way that may be in danger of doing so.
  4. 4.Transactions with Our Sponsors

    1. (1) Any transactions that take place between you and sponsors who place advertisements on this Site (“Sponsor” below) shall take place under the responsibility of the User and the Sponsor. D.C.T project assumes no responsibility for any payment of products or agreements to contracts or warranties. Further, We will not be be responsible or held liable for any damages or trouble that arise because of such transactions.
    2. (2) It is forbidden to contact the Sponsor regarding issues that have nothing to do with products or services that the Sponsor is providing or selling, or acting in a way that hinders the business of the Sponsor.
  5. 5.Termination

    You agree that D.C.T. project may terminate your Use of our Services without prior notice if any of the below situations arise. Furthermore, you agree that D.C.T. project will not be responsible for any damages or trouble that arise because of termination of these Services.

    1. (1)The Site needs to be shut down to maintain, administer, or fix the server, so that it can be run properly.
    2. (2)The server cannot perform or the Site cannot be run due to acts of nature, disasters, or other causes beyond our reasonable control.
    3. (3)Other situations where it is difficult to maintain or administer this Site due to issues with performance or technological issues.
  6. 6.Limitation of Liability

    1. (1)D.C.T. project does not accept liability for damages that the User suffers due to not being able to use our Services, or for damages or trouble that arise out of using our Services.
    2. (2) This Site may contain links to other websites, and third-parties may also offer links to other websites. If You decide to access these linked sites, You do so at your own risk. D.C.T project will not be held responsible for the content on such sites. Furthermore, We will not be held responsible for any damage or trouble that occurs as a result of the User accessing such sites.
    3. (3)If the User causes damage to a third party by using this Site or its Services, or if the User suffers damage from a third party, D.C.T. project will not be held responsible for damages incurred in either case.
    4. (4)D.C.T. project makes no warranties regarding the description, quality, price, or other details of products that are advertised in ads placed on this Site (including products that appear in the Guitar Search). The User should confirm details regarding listed products with the Sponsor on their own, and purchase products with implicit agreement to those terms. D.C.T. project will not be held responsible for any disputes that arise between the User and Sponsor regarding situations such as a discrepancy in description, details or price of the listed product with the advertisement, or any damages that are suffered by the User because of these conditions.
  7. 7. Changes to this Agreement

    1. (1)D.C.T. project may change the terms and conditions of this agreement without acquiring prior consent from the User. In such case, the terms of the agreement after the changes shall still apply to the User who used this Site and its Services prior to the changes.
    2. (2)Terms of this agreement after any changes will go into effect once they are listed on this Site.
  8. 8.Governing Law

    These Conditions of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. Any dispute arising between D.C.T. project and the User shall be commenced exclusively in the Tokyo District Court.

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