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How to Order

When you find a guitar you want to buy does not sell guitars directly.
We are a portal site that helps you find the guitar you are searching for at a store where it is available.
If you see a guitar you like, please contact the store directly.

How to order an instrument

  1. Customer
    Click on “Product inquiry form” on the page for the instrument you are interested in. Enter all the required fields on the form and click “Submit.”
    Stores that display the [Skype] icon are available for communication through Skype. Please take note of store hours before calling.
  2. Dealer
    The store you contacted will respond to you via email to answer your questions and let you know the total cost (including shipping fees), method of payment, shipping method, etc.
  3. Customer
    If you are satisfied with the terms, please pay via one of the requested payment methods. Contact the store via email to inform them you have completed the payment.
  4. Dealer
    After the store has confirmed your payment, they will ship your instrument.
    They will also send you an email to notify you that the instrument has been sent.
  5. Customer
    You will receive your instrument.

Sale price

The price of the instruments are displayed in Japanese yen. Various fees, including the shipping fee and warranty, may be added to this listed price.
Please ask the store for a final price after you have let them know your preferred method of shipping. will not charge you any service fees.


Payment will be completed through bank transfer or Paypal in yen. You will not be able to use credit card.
You should also specify your preferred method of payment when contacting the store.

Please note:

  • ・ will not charge you any service fees for the purchase.
  • ・There are many stores that are not used to shipping overseas and may not have native-level English proficiency, so please use easy-to-understand English.
  • ・Please not that your country of residence’s import tax may not be included in the total price that is displayed for products in each store.
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How to order

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